Design for manufacture Graphene

Product Development

RD Graphene Limited are in the process of developing and manufacturing graphene supercapacitors which will be launched to the market in 2018.

  • Data available upon request on 1V cell
  • 2.5V cell in development
  • 4V cell in planning

Graphene Supercapacitors

The development work on RD Graphene’s Supercapacitor “G-Cap” started in April 2017. Since then performance increases by 20% every week and is now able to compete with thin-film Lithium-Ion (Polymer) batteries in terms of energy density. At the same time RD Graphene’s “G-Cap” sets new standards due to the following USPs:
  • Planar micro-supercapacitor
  • Electrode Thickness 25-35 microM
  • Physical and Chemical Properties Easily Tuneable
  • Safe technology:
    • Solid State Electrolyte
    • No leakage of chemicals
    • No heat generation due to absence of electro-chemical reaction
    • Shipping at 0V
    • No fire risk
  • 3000+ charge/discharge cycles with 0.5% loss demonstrated
  • Charge time: 10s
  • Long-term shelf life without quality reduction
  • Current cell dimensions: 30x25x0.3mm
  • Current weight: ½g

About Us

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Claus Marquordt

Claus has worked for 17 years in lab-on-a-chip (LOC) development and is an established innovator. In 2013 he became Managing Director of RD Support ApS and increased turnover 5-fold by establishing RD Support as a one-stop-LOC (Lab-on-a-chip) company. In 2014 Claus founded RD Support Ltd in Stirling as RD Support’s R&D centre. This company was profitable after only 2½ years trading and is experiencing high growth. After winning the Scottish Higgs Edge competition in December 2016 Claus founded RD Graphene Ltd to exploit the $378bn application market.
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Dr. Marco Caffio

Marco has a MSc degree in Chemistry specialising in supra-molecular chemistry and interfaces and a PhD degree in Physical Chemistry specialising in surface science. Marco’s research interests focus on the physics and chemistry of two-dimensional materials (graphene), thin films, plasma polymers and nanoparticles. His most recent research activity focuses on their application in microfluidic systems, as multifunctional coating, Bio-nanotechnology, Biomedical Engineering and energy store system. During his career Marco has accumulated a broad range of experimental experience in different fields, for example various chemical vapour deposition techniques.
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Juan Carlos Soto

Business Development
He is a business development consultant with experience in company direction, fund raising, product development and engineering. Juan Carlos has worked with major multinationals and SMEs in a variety of industries, including energy, oil and gas, defence, aerospace and software. He is a member of the Institute of Director and a Chartered Engineer.


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